What is 7 day car insurance?

This type of cover can be potentially suitable for a variety of reasons. For example a new driver who has just passed their test and wants to borrow a car for a few days before they buy their own may get a short term policy to get them on the road straight away and give them a few days to sort out a permanent arrangement.

Other situations where car insurance for 7 days may be applicable are where two drivers are sharing the driving for a week in the same car.

Taking out a temporary policy like this may have the benefit of protecting the no claims bonus built up on the separate annual policy, should the need to make a claim arise.

One week cover can also be useful for students who are returning home for a break maybe at Christmas time and want to be insured on their parents car.

Whatever the scenario searching for a competitive quote online should be a fairly quick and simple process and often immediate activation is possible once payment is processed for those needing to get on the road right away.